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A rear sway bar up-grade is an excellent and cost effective way to improve the handling and safety of your Sprinter.  You will experience a higher level of driving comfort through increased stability and control.

Our sway bar kits give you improved response to steering input and help keep you "flat" during hard cornering.  Under heavy load situations you will experience improved stability, significant reduction of body roll and reduced tail wag when towing heavy loads.  During every day driving you will notice little difference.  However, when you encounter those annoying dips pulling into or out of parking lots, you will realize the rear end body sway of your Sprinter has been greatly reduced.  Our sway bar kits give exceptional performance when used with Koni adjustable shocks and struts. 

We offer a 1 1/8" bar kit for the 2500 model and a 1 1/2" bar kit for the 3500 model.  Each kit includes polyurethane bushings and link end grommets with a mounting hardware kit.  Each bar is plated for long lasting durability.  We strongly recommended that a professional technician install your sway bar.  However, if you have the ability and are equipped with the proper tools you can do it yourself in about 1-2 hours.  It is recommended that you do not exceed the manufacturer’s GVW and that tires with E load range are used.  It is also recommended that the 3500 rear sway bar kit be used on 3500 models with a total GVW of 9000 lbs. or more.  All Sway Bar Kits are a direct fit up-grade for the existing factory sway bar and come with a 1 year part warranty.


Now Avaialable   Auxiliary Rear Sway Bar Kit  

Our auxiliary rear sway bar kit represents a new way of thinking when it comes to sway control. This system is a forward facing rear sway bar that mounts in front of the axle housing. With the end links mounting "mid frame", the dynamics of a second sway bar offers outstanding handling characteristics especially when combined with our other suspension products. The vehicle tracks better while driving down the road and the rear of the vehicle follows the front much better when entering and existing corners. The rear of your Sprinter will also have reduced body roll when cornering or pulling and out of driveways. The auxiliary sway bar is designed for Sprinters that carry a lot of weight, are at or near max GVW and that need additional weight and sway control. The kit includes a 1 1/2" sway bar, sway bar to axle mounting brackets, bar end links with mounting brackets and Poly bushings. The installation requires drilling 4 holes in non critical areas. Installation time is about 3 hours.


Auxiliary sway bar kit mounted on a 2006 View (3500 Cab Chassis)

04-06 3500 Cab Chassis Auxiliary Sway Bar Kit:  $699.95 plus shipping and handling

07 and Newer 3500 Cab Chassis Auxiliary Sway Bar Kit:  $699.95 plus shipping and handling


Here's what our customers say about our suspension products:

"The trip back to work yesterday revealed amazing improvements with the addition of the sway bar.  The Navion had much improved cornering and control of lurch and roll
when crossing oblique inclines/bumps.  Some of the behavior is very subtle, and I'm still trying to figure it out. For instance, it just seems to track better on the highway.

Thanks so much. We'll be able to travel with the fine china in the overhead kitchen cupboards!   Bill...Oregon  Navion owner"

Order your sway bar kit today and improve the handling and performance of your Sprinter!

02-06 2500SHC or 2500HC Cargo and Passenger Van Rear Sway Bar Kit:  1 1/8" Sway Bar Kit $374.95 plus shipping and handling     2500 Photos

02-06 3500SHC or 3500HC Cargo Van, Passenger Van or Cab Chassis Rear Sway Bar Kit:  1 1/2" Sway Bar Kit $394.95 plus shipping and handling     3500 Photos

07 and Newer 2500 Cargo and Passenger Van Rear Sway Bar Kit:  1 1/8" Sway Bar Kit $294.95 plus shipping and handling. If your Sprinter does not have a factory sway bar, an additional hardware installation kit is needed. Call for current pricing.

07 and Newer Cargo Van and Cab Chassis Sway Bar Kit:   1 1/2" Sway Bar Kit $394.95 plus shipping and handling

Depending on stock, shipping will be DHL ground and will usually ship within 3 business days of ordering.  Estimated shipping and handling costs to west coast $25, to east coast $39.

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